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Voip Service

The Voip is a sophisticated IP switchboard that enables technological innovation. The Voip was found to be suitable for both small and large organizations. The Voip has a wealth of features that can be implemented according to the customer’s choice.


Main features of a our Voip service:

  Management interfaces that provide convenient control for making call referrals, hearing messages, etc.


 Voicemail directly to email – Unified Messaging – Internet interface for voicemail.

  An unlimited number of extensions – the end of the era of adding cards to the switchboard.

  Remote extensions on the cell phone, home, branch or laptop with high audio quality.

  Software central panel – to indicate activity branches.

  Unlimited virtual conference rooms – significant savings in international call costs.


  Recording of incoming and outgoing calls in all or part of extensions – an advantage for companies committed to documentation.

  Possibility to open the main door.


  Full control over call transfer (busy, no answer, etc.).

  Diverse “dialing plans” for dialing according to the most profitable route.


  Unlimited IVR call router – option to program in unusual situations such as midnight, holidays, nights and more.

  Fax to email

Transferring extensions between offices without any reconfiguration or coordination – the technology is modular and enables the expansion and enlargement of the network.