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Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis is a Cyber protection company that specializes in a variety of security management backup solutions, the company employs 1500+ employees worldwide, in 150 countries, in 33 languages, and with 48 DCs worldwide, including in Israel.

Acronis provides the backup\DR, management and security services in a simple and easy MSSP model, in one management console, one agent and one license.

Acronis' leading services are:


  1. Backing up the entire client environment in a GB or Workload model

Acronis allows backing up the entire production environment in one management console, under one license, over 20 platforms including:

Microsoft Exchange, SQL, MariaDB, oracle, my SQL, DBMS Real applications, Clusters and SAP HANA

In addition, we can back up the entire Microsoft365 or g-suite environment and everything in a convenient and simple MSP model by volume or by workload.


  1. Disaster recovery capabilities (DR) in a simple, convenient and fast way

A disaster recovery plan (DRP-Disaster Recovery Plan) is designed to provide an effective response to deal with disruptive events and failures in corporate information systems. The main goal of a disaster recovery plan is to reduce the damage caused to the IT systems as a result of disruptive events and to return the organization to optimal functioning as quickly as possible after the occurrence of the event.

A disruptive event can be caused by technical failures, power outages, communication problems, floods or fires, as well as human factors such as: cyber attack, human error, accidental deletion, malicious tampering and more.

It is highly recommended to prepare a DRP plan for all customers, which is an integral part of the management console, and enables the creation of a plan with convenient costs and maximum effectiveness.


  1. Management of the IT environment

The management capabilities of the IT environment, such as Patch management, comprehensive tools and reporting that Acronis provides to its customers, are presented in a simple and convenient way through a friendly interface that allows different configurations of update reports, from end to end.


  1. Advanced information security Full-stack anti-malware, Security automation, Efficient forensics and Email security

Integrated cyber protection that includes full anti-malware, high detection rate and response to the latest cyber threats. Expanding cyber protection to internet surfing, backed up data, the recovery process and prevention of exploitation. as well as investigations by capturing forensic data in backups.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, the only cyber protection solution that combines backup and recovery, endpoint protection management and cyber security – with anti-malware technology that prevents ransomware and zero-day attacks and complements customers’ current antivirus. Improving protection with Advanced Security’s full-stack anti-malware – replacing antivirus with our proven and integrated cyber protection.

Acronis advantages

  • The leading and most effective disaster recovery software (DRP)
  • Designed and designed so that anyone can use it easily and simply
  • Fast and simple information recovery
  • An accessible and convenient service pricing calculator for calculating marketer costs
  • Has a new licensing model that allows you to enjoy storage and backup services without an initial investment
  • Full support for all operating systems
  • Has an attractive price and maximum flexibility that allows adaptation to changing organizational needs
  • Per GB / Workload backup model of your choice